Reveals the effect exploding government debt and deficits have on the long-term value of the dollar and how the US dollar is on a path to destructionPoints out and explains why billionaires are buying physical gold more than any time in historyTeaches everyday investors how to invest like a professional and why physical assets like gold are key to financial stabilityInspires readers to take control and have power over their financial future by revealing the truth about debtIncludes why Alan Greenspan and other experts believe stocks and bonds are both in a huge bubble, and why stagflation is imminentExplains why tangible assets like gold dramatically outperform paper assets in a rising interest rate environmentHighlights why the price of gold is on an explosive path towards $10,000 an ounce and how readers can use it to fuel their entire retirementShows readers how they can be one of the 'smart money investors' taking advantage of cyclical markets and moving their money from stocks to commodities at opportune timesReveals why the "risk-parity" model of owning stocks and bonds recommended by Wall Street is terrible advice for the next decade and how underfunded pensions and bloated entitlement programs will cause the dramatic runaway inflation